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Some things I learned this year.

Funnel year in review

So. I wasn’t quite sure where to post this online. This seems like the right place so I’m posting it here. It has been a strange year for me. I turn 31 tomorrow and I wanted to take a few minutes to share some stuff I learned this year.

1. This too, shall pass.

Everything, even the worst thing that you can imagine will eventually pass. It doesn’t seem like they will at the time, and everyone will tell you something like this, but I promise to you, this too shall pass. Hang in there if things are tough for you right now, it will get better.

2. Be lucky.

There is no substitute for friendships, family and people who care for you. I am grateful especially for my dad (who is my hero even though he likes talking with strangers at the tip about the qualities of trailers). I am also massively grateful for my big brother Duncan who helped me straighten out a path forward even when things were a bit shit. I am profoundly grateful to my mate Mick who listened, encouraged, and looked out for me as he has done for just about as long as I have known him. Thankyou to everyone else who has helped out this year, I’m grateful for you and proud to call you my friends.

My friends and family have really looked out for me this year and in that I am incredibly lucky. My clients were understanding and awesome even when I was, frankly, a bit of a retard. Make your own luck and cultivate good relationships with everyone because it’s the right thing to do and sometimes, it’ll save your skin.

3. You can change.

When things get gnarly you tend to realise how dramatically your life circumstances can change. Things are set in stone until they are not. Once you start changing your life other things can change too. You are never stuck where you are, except in your head. If you want to change something, don’t wait, just do it. Never be frustrated by circumstance because it can change irrevocably in minutes, so don’t wait for someone to make things happen for you.

4. Get moving.

I had forgotten how important being fit and healthy is. I forgot how much of a difference it makes to you (Spoiler: A huge difference). If you are struggling with any sort of imbalance, distress or just everyday stress there is no substitute for getting out there and doing something.

Run, walk, ride, kayak, whatever, just get moving. It’ll fix you when you’re done talking and you’re ready to start over. Get on the bike tomorrow, or even better, now. Once again, here I owe a debt to lots of people but especially to my big bro Duncan for helping me get moving again.

I went from misery on two legs, to a bearded god of man (I kid, I kid). But honestly, you can do this if you’re willing to dig in. I participated in my first multisport race in October, and I’m planning to compete solo in all four disciplines for the first time in February next year. Clichés aside: If I can do it, you can too.

5. Things are looking up.

Things are looking up. I feel lucky, I am happy and healthy these days and that’s more than enough to be grateful for.

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